Paloma Luzarraga


I began my freelance career in 2003 setting up LUZ PUBLICIDAD, and over these years I have worked for clients with different needs in the most diverse aspects of communication. This has given me a broad vision of the market and the ability to identify trends.

I consider myself to be creative and multidisciplinary. I understand that to generate different ideas that connect emotionally, it is necessary to move towards new horizons. What is new requires knowledge, skill and experience. For this reason, I have a demanding work environment throughout the entire process and I collaborate with a team of professionals who enable me to offer quality creative contents aimed at designing the future.


Through a combination of skills, I help companies create experiences which add value in every contact point with their clients.

I offer an excellent creative capacity for content generation from start to finish and provide new proposals and ideas without losing sight of the commercial focus.

Skills: analysis and strategy, branding, brand creation and positioning, graphic design, product design, printing management, website design, logo, corporate identity, visual identity, content strategy, copywriting, SEO drafting, social media, signage, reporting, reports, event management, presentations, public relations, art direction, photography.